My name is Paul M. Amato. I am a LICSW who has a long history working with children, adolescents, adults and their families. Some of my specialties include: couples, marriage and divorce, depression, anger, anxiety, low self-esteem, self abuse behaviors, addiction, and stressed out parents. Every client is different and the modalities or combination should match the client. I believe that this is your time and we should collaborate together to work what is best fit for you. I am conveniently located at 9 Cedar Street in Worcester MA.

I have developed a wide range of modalities that include CBT, DBT, motivational therapy, behavior modification, psycho-education, family and marriage counseling to name a few.”

"Job Well Done"
from Aurthur Terrance Real

Paul M. Amato, MSW, LCSW, LICSW
9 Cedar Street
Worcester, MA 01609

"Googled "great therapists in Worcester" and Paul's name came up!! Let me tell you, he has lived up to that qualification. I have worked with several therapists in my day, directly and indirectly and I am well aware that it can be hit or miss and an extensive process to find the "right" fit. Paul has a wonderful sense of humor and has been able to make the process one of ease. He has an open, honest approach...he listens and actually pays attention to what I am saying as I tend to babble and it is easy to get lost in my dialogue!! But, Paul takes it a step further and allows me to explore myself, understand myself, he provides unique perspective, he holds me accountable, too which is absolutely necessary!! He provides insight and makes me think-he does not judge! He takes you as how you present to him at the time!!"